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Cataloging the Various Insect Species of the Great State of Tennessee

Due to its varied ecosystem and general geographical location within the United States, the state of Tennessee is home to a broad range of insect types and species. BugsOfTennessee.com has been arranged to catalogue the over 1,000 species found through the state to better serve and educate its many residents. With its 6.7 million residents in mind, this site has been arranged to help you will find entries covering everything from 'true' bugs and beetles to spiders, garden pests, and everything in-between - each detailed through full-color pictures and useful information to help you better identify a species in question.
Get Out There and Observe! Prime Bug-Viewing Months in Tennessee End in...

(Typically November 1st, 2023)
Items to keep on hand include a magnifying tool of some sort, a pad of paper and pencil for note-taking, and your mobile device or camera for picture-taking...

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1) More than anything, OBSERVE! Observe behaviours, movement, colors - this will help you identify an insect.
2) If it looks dangerous, assume that it is! General Rule-of-Thumb is to not directly handle insects; leave that to the experts.
3) Leave nature EXACTLY as you found it. Do not remove insects from their natural habitats for display at home and do not disturb natural settings!
4) Above all else, enjoy the intricate and interesting world of insects. Remember, we need them more than they need us!
Main Categories

Color image of small orange Ant insects in dirt
Tennessee Ants
Color image of a flying Antlion (G. Gratus) insect
Tennessee Antlions
Color image of the American Bumble Bee flying insect
Tennessee Bees
Color image of an Andrews Snail Eating Beetle insect
Tennessee Beetles
Color image of a colorful Aphrodite Fritillary Butterfly
Tennessee Butterflies
Color image of an Army Cutworm Moth caterpillar
Tennessee Caterpillars
Color image of a Bark Centipede
Tennessee Centipedes
Color image of a basic generic Cicada flying insect
Tennessee Cicadas
Color image of an American Cockroach insect
Tennessee Cockroaches
Color image of a Carolina Leaf-roller Cricket insect
Tennessee Crickets
Color image of an American Bluet Damselfly flying insect
Tennessee Damselflies
Color image of an Autumn Meadowhawk Skimmer flying insect
Tennessee Dragonflies
Color image of a European Earwig crawing insect
Tennessee Earwigs
Color image of an Dark Fishfly (larva) insect
Tennessee Fishflies
Color image of an African Fig Fly insect
Tennessee Flies
Color image of a Bird Grasshopper insect
Tennessee Grasshoppers
Color image of a Common Pillbug (Roly-Poly) insect
Tennessee Isopods
Color image of a green Bush Katydid hopping insect
Tennessee Katydids
Color image of a Praying Mantis flying insect
Tennessee Mantids
Color image of an American Giant Millipede insect
Tennessee Millipedes
Color image of an American Idia Moth insect
Tennessee Moths
Color image of a Buffalo Treehopper insect
Tennessee Planthoppers
Color image of a Clouded Skipper butterfly insect
Tennessee Skippers
Color image of an American House Spider insect
Tennessee Spiders
Color image of an American Salmonfly flying insect
Tennessee Stoneflies
Color image of an American Dog Tick insect
Tennessee Ticks
Color image of an Ambush Bug insect
Tennessee True Bugs
Color image of an American Pelecinid Wasp flying insect
Tennessee Wasps
Remember! Tick Season in Tennessee is a Year-Round Event!

If hitting the outdoors, trails, or even your own backyard, always complete a visual and physical 'Tick Check' on youself, your children, and your pets! Make it a point to check under arms, around the belly, and all places in-between where ticks like to hide. Here's a Tick Identification Guide to the types encountered throughout the state.
Popular Categories

Photograph of the state flag of Tennessee
About TN
Topographical image of the state of Tennessee
TN Topography
Close-up image of a Big Dipper Firefly flying insect at rest
Official Insects
Color image of an Acorn Weevil garden bug
Garden Pests
Color image of ants
Kitchen Pests
Color image of an American Cockroach flying insect
Pantry Pests
Color image of the Broad-necked Root Borer beetle insect
Tree Pests
Color image of Bee Fly (A.aterrimus)
Flying Insects
Color image of common Bed Bug
Biting Insects
Color image of Black-and-Yellow Mud Dauber Wasp flying insect
Stinging Insects
Color image of Blue Blow Fly flying insect
Indoor Insects
Color image of Boxelder Bug outdoor insect
Outdoor Insects
Color image of Boxelder Bug outdoor insect
Color image of Boxelder Bug outdoor insect
Close-up image of an Antelope Beetle insect
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County image map of the state of Tennessee
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