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Tennessee Moth Insects

Tennessee | United States

Moths are some of the most difficult insects to identify for the casual observer simply because many appear as simple brown and black forms to the untrained eye; just be patient and look for telltale signs for identification such as stripes, dots, size, and general shape. Best viewing time for moths is during dusk, low-light, and overnight hours where they will be attracted to light sources and can be found at rest or in flight near them. Interestingly enough, there are many more species of moths when compared to butterflies and some moths can, in fact, be confused for butterflies because of their vibrant coloring.

The BugsOfTennessee.com database has recorded 144 Tennessee Moth Insects to date (2024). Results are showcased below in alphabetical order (A to Z). You can reduce the number of entires shown by selecting the provided color / descriptor options below or remove entries from the list entirely by clicking on the entry's 'X'. Refresh the page to reset all options and results.

Moths belong to the same order that Butterflies do (Lepidoptera). View Tennessee Butterflies here.
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